Saturday, March 12, 2016

Learning to listen to God....and my Husband

This week has been very hectic....between my daughter being sick, my Oil Business,and trying to spring clean, I feel like I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

This week probably wasn't the best week for me to start spring cleaning, but....since I was off work (daycare) due to my daughter being sick, I thought"why not" get started!

So early tuesday morning as my hubby was leaving for work, I decided to "change" our bedroom.

Please tell me that I am not the only one that has these hair brained know the ones that sound so great until you actually get into the middle of it, but then it is too late to turn around!

Yeah, I had one of THOSE ideas!!!

Halfway into rearranging my room, I realized that I didn't feel that great and I wanted to stop, unfortunately the mess I had created "cleaning and reorganizing", now had spread from the bedroom to the hallway, kitchen, and the living room.......It was not pretty!

And my hubby was going to be home for lunch in just a few minutes....

Now my hubby doesn't care if he walks into the house and it is a mess....but since he had suggested the night before that I wait till he got home and he would help me, I felt like I should at least make an attempt to prove that I could do it alone..

Which I couldn't!

As I sat and stared at the mess I had made, I got to thinking about why my hubby had wanted me to wait...

1st of all, I wasn't strong enough to move the furniture by myself without getting hurt...

2nd, if we did it together, it wouldn't take so long..

and 3rd, he knew that I would get overwhelmed doing it by myself, and that I would want to quit.

My hubby sure knows me and what is best for me.....even if sometimes I think I know whats best and therefore go ahead with my own plans, ignoring his suggestions and wisdom.

I was reminded quite recently by a dear friend who wants nothing but the best for me, that I was not allowing my hubby to lead me, and I was not standing behind him and his decisions. Because of that conversation, I have been searching MY heart and asking for direction in regards to that very issue, and after much thought and prayer, this post was created :)

Isn't it amazing that God would put men into our life that would know what is best for us, and who would lead and guide us.

Kind of like, what I believe God does for us, his children. 

There have been many times that I see a problem that I know I need to pray about, and give it over to God, but I "know" I can take care of it myself.

How many times have I sat up late in to the night, trying to figure out a problem and and working out things in my mind, that "may" help us.

Way to many times to count....

If I would just stop....and listen to what God is trying to tell or show me,in the long run, I would be better off,not only spiritually, but also physically ( we all know that worrying leads to stress, and being over stressed can take its toll on our bodies)

 I need to remember that.....

1st.......some situations I am NOT strong enough to face alone, and when I try to...I will end up hurting myself and possibly those around me.

2nd.....If I let God work and rest in His Peace, then I wouldn't be spending Hours (OK sometimes it is days and weeks), trying to figure out how to take care of it on my own, he would take care of it in His perfect time.

3rd....If I stopped and took a step back, and turned the situation and our needs over to God, I wouldn't get overwhelmed and want to give up half way through, because I wouldn't be in trying to figure it out on my own.

God wants what is best for us, and by following his prompting and guidance, we are opening out heart and our lives up, for God to work with us and through us, to accomplish something greater then we could ever have hoped to achieve doing it on our own.

God knew that I (speaking for myself here), would need this in my personal life as well...that is why He gave me someone who will look at my crazy ideas, assess them and make suggestions accordingly to what I need.

God gave our husbands wisdom to lead us, and it is our duty to follow and listen to their guidance (even if sometimes it seems like we have the better idea, and we may have, but we still need to defer  to them as the head of our house), just as our husbands listen to and receive guidance from God on how to lead our families,and be the head of our homes.

God gave us husbands who want the best not only for us, but for our whole family as is their job to protect us, even if what we need protection from is our own crazy hair brained ideas :)

I know that this will not be the last of my crazy ideas, (who are we kidding.....I am human after all) and I am sure that God will remind me (again) why my hubby asked me not to do something.Not because my husband wants me to do EVERYTHING his way, but because he is responsible for me and my well being, and also because he knows that I am a little crazy, and I like to think that I can handle anything that life throws at me, when in reality, I need my husband to help me with all the crazy things I do :)

I am just as sure, that I will be gently reminded that I need to give everything over to God, That he has my best interest at heart, and He will guide, protect, and lead me, in any and all situations that I may face.and while the timing may not be "my time" or the answer may not be what "I wanted", I can rest knowing that His timing is perfect in all things, and His answers will lead me down the path that He has chosen for my (and my family's) life.

 I need to be more open to listening to God and to the Man He gave me! This is not something I will overcome today (or tomorrow), it is something that I will need to work on daily, and I know that there will be times that I fail...and that's OK...because no matter how stressed out I get over situations I can't control, or how overwhelmed I get doing a project that I should have waited on, there will always be whispered reminders from God, and a helping hand from my husband to help me get to where I need to be :)

A Wise Woman Builds Her Home