Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Whats in our Easter Baskets!

Its almost Easter (how on earth did that happen?) and if you are anything like me...you still haven't bought much of anything for the Easter basket!

I literally have one thing bought for my daughter for this year. we are not big on all the candy that usually gets put into an Easter basket, and we lean more towards books she likes, DVDs, a special doll or something else that she has asked for. we do NOT spend a lot of money on her Easter Basket, as we do not want her to expect something huge ever Easter...Easter is about the resurrection of our Lord, and we want to keep the main focus on Him, not how many gifts, or how expensive a basket she was given. I am not opposed to others doing that, since we are free to choose what is best for our own family's, but this works best for us :)

Following are some of the ideas we have (and may buy) for our little miss for this Easters basket:)

We did buy this for Olivia's basket, and cant wait for it to get here!(this is the one thing I have so far)

I am always on the lookout for GREAT family movies, at a GREAT price...this fits both criteria!

We own this one already, but they are both such great movies that I thought I would post it as well..and its at an all time low price!

 I am HUGE on giving books for gifts, and every Easter I debate on if I should give her one book, or just fill the whole basket with books and nothing else :) she loves the adventures in the Thea Stilton Books and this one, or one like it will be making its way into her basket!

My daughter Loves these Ty Babies stuffed animals....there is no better way yo cheer her up then to surprise her with one of these...they are inexpensive and bring a smile to her face, Instead of a HUGE bunny that she will play with for one day, we usually get her one of these for her basket, we know that she will Love it and it will be played with all the time!

We also do not do the HUGE chocolate bunny...we have in the past, but she never ate it all, and we ended up wasting the money on something that ended up in the trash...we now do a small bunny, and we then pick out her favorite candy and put it in her basket, she loves that she gets her favorite candy, and we don't feel bad for buying something, that will most likely get thrown away.


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