Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A Much Needed Day :)

Today has been one of those know the kind that you know you will not easily forget. It was not a planned day at all, but when we decided to do one thing different in our schedule, the whole day was open to possibilities.

We got to bed kind of late (after 12am) last night, and after what seemed like 5 minutes, my alarm was chirping(gotta love the alarm tones on my phone)! it was 7:55am and I did NOT want to get up. and I knew if I didn't want to get up, that probably meant my 11 year old daughter didn't want to get up either.

I snuggled deeper under the covers as my hubby started getting ready for work, and called out to my daughter to come snuggle for a few minutes before we start the day! I have realized that if we do not have morning quiet/snuggle time EVERYDAY, then our day gets off to a rough start. She climbed into bed, telling me how she didn't think she had the energy to do school work today (wonder when she will realize that that argument is NEVER going to work on me), and we started talking about our day.
after 10 min I sent her off to get dressed and I "Slooooooooowly climbed out from under my covers. It was then that I got and I texted (yes you read that right) my daughter who was getting dressed in her room, across the hall from my room(yes I know I could have walked, but she LOVES getting text messages,  so every now and then I send her random texts, even if we are in the same house).

the text read....

"lets go to Mcdonalds to do your school work today"

Nothing life changing, just something we do every now and then to break up the  monotony of the school year.

I got back..."good idea" .....followed by the sounds of her getting dressed really fast. She was dressed and ready to go before I was even out of bed.

What I thought would be a fun time while we did school work turned in to a day of craziness, laughing and having a wonderful time with just me and my little girl.

She got through all her assignments in record time ( we did take a french fry break), and we decided to head to the newer Party City, where we had a blast trying on Halloween hats and masks. there were quite a few odd looks directed our way, but we couldn't stop laughing.

After we got home, we had a My Little Pony marathon and snuggled up on the couch and just vegged for awhile. It was heavenly!!

Olivia helped me with dinner and setting the table, and afterward we made cookies and icing and played a few games.

We ended our night, snuggling on the couch and reading a Thea Stilton Book.

Since this is a Wednesday night, we usually would have been at church, but tonight we needed to be home to talk to our landlord and becasue he works full time, we needed to work with his schedule. While I missed the fellowship with our church family and hearing the weekly bible study, I believe that God gave us the night that we needed.

As I sit here typing this, I am going over the events of the day, and I so needed a day like today! I needed to let loose and be crazy, to spend time with just me and Olivia, and to make memories that we will remember forever. I needed today to help me continue to heal. The closer we get to the holidays and the anniversary  of my parents deaths, I need days like today.

Its amazing how a simple action, something out of the ordinary,  can set into motion exactly what you need in your life.

Take every moment and live it to the fullest. We are not guaranteed tomorrow. Take each moment and turn it into something beautiful, something that will last long after we are gone.

Make a memory every day!

This is my goal in life....

To make memories every day, to live in the moment, to leave behind a small piece of me, so that when they look back on my life,  it makes them smile.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

How we do it....Homeschooling on a day when this mama is sick!

We left for vacation on Friday, I started getting sick on Saturday :( we opted to stay and finish out our mini vacation, and I am so glad we did. Check out how our trip went here!

Since we have been home though, I have been taking it easy, attempting to get better. I have been oiling up and taking OTC cough med's, and while I am starting to feel better, school this week has been a little unorthodox! but we got it done... and that is what matters the most :)

Monday we were technically still on vacation, and since I was sick in bed and Dallas was off of work, we let Olivia take the day off as well. We all spent the day relaxing and recouping from vacation (seriously am I the only one who needs to recoup after a relaxing vacation?).

Tuesday, I was still sick, but I crawled from my comfy bed and made it to the recliner in the living room. My little girl, who wanted another day off, was less then excited for school to start back up, but even homeschooler's need to stick to some kind of schedule ( at least these homeschooler's need to ). She brought all her school work to the couch, and while I sat next to her in the recliner she completed all her school work and was done in record time.

Usually we are at the table in the kitchen, working on her school work, but when you are sick and your child is not...ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

Tuesday night I thought I was getting better and we would be back to normal schooling on Wednesday....however that was not to be. I slept in a little, and when I finaly got up, showered and got dressed into new jammies (when your sick, jammies are perfectly acceptable day clothes), I was ready to go back to bed. So we did what we did yesterday....We used our living room as a school room!

Olivia is finishing up her last subject for the day, other then her typing lesson, and then she will be done. It took a little longer to finish school work today, because we got a late start, but all in all it was a great school day for our family.

This is not the norm, and I am sure I will get tired of this "type' of schooling, but for now, while I am sick, I am OK with it!

 I  LOVE the flexibility that homeschooling gives us.

So that's it in a nutshell, how we home school while this mama is sick :) 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Our Mini Vacation in Pictures

Last weekend, my family and I packed up our car and after stopping to get our nieces, we headed to Branson, for a back-to-school mini vacay! We decided to celebrate the start of another homeschooling year, by going to an indoor water park called Grand Country!

This is the 2nd time we have been there, and other then a few things that had changed since our previous trip ( we really missed the falling balloons at the fun spot party), it was just as great

The following is our weekend in pictures/videos :) The girls loved the Water Park, and spent most of the time running back and forth between the slides and the lazy river (I liked the hot tub and lazy river the best).

While I got sick 1/2 way through the weekend, I can honestly say that the trip was a success, and we will be returning there at the beginning of the year.

We were in all need of a break from the car! I needed to visit the restroom and stretch my legs. The girls needed to dance and sing and get a little playtime in before finishing off the last leg of the trip! I love the way these girls interact with each other. They are crazy, fun loving kids and they always have a great time when they are together. Cousins are the best friends ever!
Rest stop an hour from Branson

 I'm putting this picture in because....well if you know me you know I'm an oil addict, and these oils go EVERYWHERE with me. Thankfully we brought the diffuser along this time as really helped me keep my cold/upper respiratory issues under control while we were on vacation. 
Never leave home without them!

Big Chair across from the hotel we stayed at!

Love these kids

Me and my Hubby

Lydia, Jaida, Olivia, and me

relaxing after a long drive 

We love the Fun Spot! Every weekend they have a party in the fun spot for all the kids. It starts at 10pm and goes till midnight ( yes it is late, and yes we let the kids stay up....its vacation). While at the party we had FREE tickets for Glow Golf! I had a blast Cheating (I can not golf) and I got a TON of hole in ones (very easy to do when you just drop your ball in the hole lol)! dont worry...everyone knew I was going to I told them all before we started playing! We ended up skipping some of the holes altogether in an effort to get back to the party before they did the light show. while we were expecting balloons filled with prizes to be dumped from the ceiling, we were a little disappointed that they no longer did that :( but the girls walked away with a ton of prizes, and they each got a bouncy ball from the party to take home with them. They also were given free popcorn, cake and glow in the dark necklaces. All in all it was a great party, one we will be going to again at our next visit. 
glow golf at the Fun Spot

When you go to Grand Country and take advantage of their Great deals, you get to pick 2 shoes to see as a family. This time around we decided to spend more time at the water park with the girls, so we only went to one show. We choose the Amazing Pets, becasue it is family friendly and we have seen it before, so we knew there wouldn't be any surprises, and as always it was AMAZING!

Amazing Pets at the Grand Country

Apple Jack
 Apple Jack was funny as always! He made the kids and us laugh! Wish we could have gotten some pictures of the Amazing Pets, but they asked everyone to not video/take pictures while the animals were performing! We love this show and have been both times we have stayed at Grand Country!

This weekend was great, not only were we able to spend time as a family and create life long  memories, but we were also able to relax, which to be honest has been kind of hard to do. Life has gotten pretty hectic, even though I am trying my hardest to slow things down, what with Homeschooling, both my husband and I working, my oil business and my blog, it sometimes seems like there is not enough time or energy to go around. This weekend allowed us to chill out, and have fun. with no other expectations, other then what we were going to eat! That is one of the reasons we LOVE going here....they have great deals, include a ton of freebies and its all family friendly. so if you find you have a free weekend and want a place to spend some quality time with your family, give this place a look.

Oh......and if you are like me, in the rush to get everything packed up, you may want to double check the pillows are all yours!!! thankfully they front desk person was really nice, and we are now the new owners of a hotel pillow :) 

P.S.  This is not a review for Grand Country, this is my family's recent mini vacation that we spent here. I am not being paid for (they dont even know I am writing this) this post. We just Love this place and wanted to share our love for it with you all :)

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Looking for Blessings

I read a post on Social Media about finding your own "magic" in everything around you. While I do not believe in magic, I decided to read the post to see what types of magic these people were finding in their every day lives. They were looking for "Magic" in everything, and since they were looking they found "Magic" in everything. They could "see" magic all around them, and this made them happy.

This inspired me :) not to look for magic, but to look at my life and find all the little blessings that are right in front of me. Blessings that may not look like much to anyone else, but to me they are HUGE.

When I started looking, I was amazed at how happy finding and acknowledging these blessings made me feel. These are my blessings from today!

I started looking around my house for blessings....then I realized, I am living in a great neighborhood, in a house, that may not be completely finished, but it is a home for me and my family.

When I got into our truck, I stopped and thanked God for the blessing of this vehicle, we had been praying for a 2nd vehicle, and God blessed us with an opportunity to purchase this truck from a family member, and we LOVE it!

As I was clocking into work this afternoon, I hugged my client, and saw the smile on her face when I said Hi, and the 1st thing I thought of was how blessed I was to have a client that is so sweet, and that I enjoy spending time with :)

As I walked in from work, my family met me at the door with hugs ad kisses, which in my opinion is the BEST blessing of today! My family truly are the best blessing I have, and I think God for them daily. My husband Loves and supports me in all my crazy adventures, and my daughter makes my heart smile all the time. She is kind and sweet and is a little crazy like her mom :)

While I wasn't looking for "magical" moments in my life, I sure did find something so much better.

Blessings are contagious, once you find one, you want to look for more. Once you see them in your life, you will want to be a blessing to others in your life.

So this weekend, take a look around, and find your blessings....I promise,
they are all around you! 

Monday, September 12, 2016

Giving Up Control

Four days until our family leaves for a mini vacation to Branson.....only four days! I have actually been counting down for the last month! My hubby got the suitcase down and I have little piles of folded laundry sitting around the house, just waiting for me to pack them in the suitcase for our vacation. I am SO ready to leave! I have high expectations for this vacation. a weekend of reading, watching my daughter and nieces have fun at the indoor water park at Grand Country, and spending some quality time with my hubby! I have lists of what needs to be done, what should be packed and in which bags, and I have already picked out some new books that I really want to read while I relax!

I have it all planned out!

I know I'm not the only one who packs way a head of time, has great expectations of what the days ahead will hold for them and their family and drives everyone around them crazy while they are in "preparing mode" least I hope I am not the only one who is like this!

Unfortunately when I plan something out it usually does not go the way I have planned it. That NEVER stops me from planning and working out every detail the next time....however it does make me stop and wonder "why" I NEED to plan. its not something I love to do...Its something I HAVE to do, or I get anxious that I will forget something.

Today I woke up thinking "only four more days" and I was getting excited! I got my daughter up and we started school, she was coughing a little bit, but I chalked it up to her allergies acting up and we went about out school day.  It wasn't until later in the day that she started complaining about not feeling good. Her cheeks looked flushed, so we took her temp....and she had one!

Not going to lie.. the 1st thing that entered into my head was "there goes our weekend away" quickly followed by "why does this always happen to us"? It seems that every time I plan something It never goes the way I plan it.

In an effort to make sure she doesn't get worse, I canceled her Ice skating lesson for tomorrow morning, and we are planning on staying indoors until she feels better. I am using Essential Oils on her and in our diffuser in an effort to keep the air clean and ward off anymore ickys floating around.

And I am praying....Praying that she is not getting something more then a cold. Praying that she gets better by Thursday, and praying that if she doesn't get better that our family is not disappointed if we have to miss our weekend away.

But what I am praying for the a Peace...I find comfort in lists and planning. Writing them calms me down. Knowing exactly what will happen, when it will happen, and how it will happen allows me to not be stressed.

Yes.... I know that we cant really control what will happen, or when it will happen, but we can plan for different out comes.

One of my favorite phrases to say is "luck favors the prepared" and lately I have been relying on what "I" have prepared for, more then what God has prepared me for.

I need to be able to let go of my crazy lists, my obsession  with being in control of every detail, and let God be able to prepare me for what He has planned for me.

Its kind of scary to even write that...for someone like me, it is very hard to give up control in certain areas.

Control....that is what this is all about. Me, needing to have control over certain activities that cause me to have stress and anxiety. I use my lists as a way to combat the anxiety, to help me deal with the overwhelming stress and dread I feel when ever I have something big coming up. I always end up having a great time, and I love taking vacations, but the preparing and the stress that comes with it, can sometimes be crippling. I start early, because it will take me at least a week to do everything that has to be done on my lists.

Instead of stressing out, and struggling to keep up with my huge "control list" I need to be seeking God and finding His perfect peace.

The world will not end if I forget to pack a roll of toilet paper ( you know, for that off chance we need some and the hotel we are staying in runs out....yes, this is actually how my mind works).

It will also not end, if I forget to pack wipes, extra socks, or my Ipad...our vacation will go on, as planned, it will not be ruined.

I could look at my daughter not feeling 100% as a freak out moment (lets be honest here, I did kind of freak out for a moment), or I could look at is as God giving me an opportunity to let go of what I think this week is "supposed to look like," and instead, rest in the peace that He knows what my future holds and no matter what I will NEVER be as GREAT as what He has planned for me.

I think today I will choose His peace :)