Monday, June 20, 2016

My Adventurous Life

I have been staring at a blank page, trying to figure out what to write for quite a bit of time…writers block, is kind of new to me…my brain is always overflowing with thoughts I want to put on paper, but lately I have found something that I love to do, and that helps me unwind, very hard.

And I don’t like it!

I like being able to write out my plans, sit with my laptop and escape in my writing…and now it seems as if my writing is something my mind is trying to run from, instead of running towards.

I could blame it on everything around me, no inspiration, nothing “write worthy has happened” but that would be wrong.

While I don’t live a James Bond (would that be Jane Bond?) exciting type of life, I still have one. 

And as much as I try to make it slow down, it keeps marching on.

I have a wonderful mountain that I climb every morning, sometimes slipping to the bottom, and having to start all over again on the SLOW and steady walk to reach the top and claim victory over it…OK, OK… it’s actually a mountain of laundry…but the goal to get over it is the same. It’s a never ending battle…Just when I think I have reached the top, more laundry is found and thrown on top and I have to start at the bottom again.

I also do a daily battle with a small dragon, who likes to pee in my kitchen, wreak havoc on my daughter’s toys, and stink up all my clean laundry, by laying on my freshly folded mountain of cloths. Our Toy Yorkie, is more like a dragon then a dog…battling a dragon sounds so much more exciting then picking up after a dog!

I am also a chef, who makes fabulous meals that consist of grilled cheese and chips for a quick lunch, before we risk life and limb fighting our way past the long lines and gates and into our local water park!

Sometimes I even take on an apprentice and teach her to clean (free labor) and how to cook and bake from scratch.

 While anyone’s life can seem exciting if you put the right twist on it, I am reminded that while it may not be as exciting as fighting a dragon, or climbing a mountain, my life is pretty exciting as it is.

Olivia made her daddy a homemade cake!
I have a great family that I LOVE spending time with. I have friends that are here for me anytime I call, and they know that whenever they need me I am here as well. I have an AWESOME God that goes before me in every situation, and who has never forsaken me.

My life is how I look at it, and while laundry, dog duty, and making quick lunches, may not seem exciting to anyone (lol me included), and choosing to look at it with a smile on my face and a happy heart will make it easier. My life revolves around my family and doing things for them, makes my heart smile. 

SO while I may not have much to write about today, I do have a mountain of laundry waiting for me, and it’s almost lunch time, so I will close the computer, and get back to my wonderful life!