Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Finding Peace in a Crazy, Hectic Life

It has been a while since I have posted... Our family has been crazy busy these past few weeks, and while most of the craziness is over, I still feel like we are constantly running around like chickens with our heads cut off.  If you have ever read my blog before, you know how much I value peace and calmness, and having a home that is centered around that ideology.  However the past few weeks have been anything but that!! While it was very fast paced, with a few late nights (OK there were a LOT of late nights), and I did have moments where I felt like nothing was going right, we did have a lot of fun, and we did get to make some great memories along the way.

The following are pictures of our past weekend, where our daughter got to be involved with her Figure Skating Clubs, Spotlight on Ice, and she had so much fun. The skaters did a great job, and we were so proud of them, and our Little Miss, for working so hard to put out a great show!

SOI practice
Olivia goofing off backstage

Me and my little Miss

Love this girl

Olivia skating in a fez
putting up the curtain

goofing off backstage

Olivia had 24 people people come see her over the span of 3 shows...this is the ONLY picture I took!

Olivia and Lexi SFSC

backstage before the 1st show

getting ready for Spotlight on Ice

 Spotlight on Ice 2017 is officially over, but our crazy busy life is still in full swing...with  running our home based business, homeschooling,and working a part time job...it seems like I will never get back to quiet, peaceful nights at home. I have come to the realization that this is nothing more then a season in our life, and that it would be better for me to embrace and accept the craziness that is my life.

Becoming frustrated because I am not at home, making everything from scratch, finding things to do with my family that are centered around being calm, relaxing, and restful, does nothing more then make me stressed and resentful.

I am always telling my daughter, "in all things, do it as unto worship to God" 

How can I say that to my daughter, when I am frustrated and upset that I am busy. This season of my life is not news to God...He knows EXACTLY where I am, because he placed me here.

Peace can come wrapped up in craziness...it can still be found while driving back and forth to appointments. It can surround you EVEN if you are in the midst of a hectic season of your life.

Choosing to embrace my busy season allows me to show Olivia how we can worship God, even when we are busy. We can still find time to show His love to those around us. We can CHOOSE peace, over frustration. We can show others Gods Love, and HIS impact on our lives, through how we respond to situations that haven't gone the way we may have hoped, or planned.

Maybe this is WHY I am in this season...to LEARN to trust FULLY in His plan.

My life is hectic, But Gods peace can transcend that. And while my longing for a night at home with the fireplace (thanks to Netflix's fake ones lol) going, and an audio book playing while we snuggle on the couch as a family.....in reality, what will probably happen is I will put together  a quick dinner, that is followed by me either rushing to get to an online class, working on my business, or running to my part time job.

Until this season passes....or I learn the lesson God has for me,  I will make an effort to be at peace with it, and to Find the Peace that is always there, waiting for me.