Sunday, October 30, 2016

Best Laid Plans


We make them, prepare for them, and we expect to see them through.

Then life happens, and everything you have planned, gets thrown out the window.

That is what happened this week for our family.

My daughter had a project due for her co-op class, and we had a friend who lent us a cut out castle background so she could use it, and it is sitting, in the garage, not being used.

I bought all of the things needed, except the light saber, that was thankfully lent to us by another on of our friends, for my daughters Halloween costume. So far she hasn't even been able to try everything on together.

I scheduled today off from my job over a month ago, so we could attend as a family, a special service at our home church. I am currently sitting in my bed under, a mountain of blankets, with a pile of used tissues and Ricola wrappers right next to me. Needless to say we wont be going anywhere tonight.

Tomorrow is Halloween, and while I know this can be touchy subject, as of now, my husband and I do allow our daughter to dress up and collect candy from a few homes on our street.

This year she is going as Rey from Star Wars....or at least we hope she will be going as Rey. As of right now, we are planning a back up option just in case she is still not a hundred percent tomorrow.

Not sure why I though having a costume party at a different date would be a great back up plan, but she liked the idea, and if it will make her feel better, then I am all for it :)

Our plans do not always work out the way that we want them too. We are forced to adapt to what is happening in our life on any given day, and sometimes that is easier said then done.

I love having plans, I am a planer, it drives me crazy when everything is up in the air! I love being able to know what is going on, at any given time. I LIVE by my planner. If it is not in my planner, then chances are I will forget about it or it just wont get done.

In other words I am LOST with out it!

So when plans change, I get a little out of sorts.

However this week/end, I have realized that sometimes when plans change, it can be for the best.  Our family has needed rest, we have needed to slow down, and this week/end we were literally forced to do just that.

Its not about what we have missed by our plans being changed, its about what we have gained becasue they were changed.

Waking up late and snuggling under covers, watching old TV shows (our family is LOVING The Dick Van Dyke Show right now). Reading books with little miss, having long talks about absolutely nothing at all, spending time just laughing with my husband about crazy stuff we did when we dated.
 Taking a break from moving from one activity to another. This has been the 1st week that I haven't been rushing from one place to another. It has been nice to take a break, and let everything but my family be on the back burner.

I'm not saying it has been an easy week/end, no it is never easy when you are fighting an infection. We have spent plenty of time just laying in bed, reading quietly, or talking, and just basically letting our bodies heal.

We may not get to go to our special service tonight, or go trick or treating tomorrow. My house may be on the verge of  what I like to call a "tornado watch," but.....sometimes we just need that is what we have done.

We have rested, and we are slowly getting better :)

Friday, October 28, 2016

Bursts of Energy

It has been a very long week!!!

We have been battling a bug, that for some reason just doesn't want to leave our house! Puking, fever, and cough are what we have been dealing with this past week. If you have been reading my blog for awhile you will know that I LOVE oils, (dont worry this in not an oil post), but I would be remiss if I didn't say how much they have helped us get through this week of illness :)

I would love to say that when I am sick, I am still able to keep my house clean, feed y family, and work on my blog/business....I would really LOVE to say that! however I am one of those people who when they are sick they turn in to a blob, hide under a mountain of blankets and whine...I know its not a pretty picture, at all....Its actually pretty sad, lol

I ended up calling off 2 days of work, we were unable to to go to our weekly co-op groups and the school work that my daughter did (before she got sick) was pretty much self led. I laid in bed 3 days straight and when I did make it from the bed to the recliner in the living room, it was a monumental on my part, and it also wore me out!

Today is the 1st day that I have started to feel like I can be up and about. I actually got dressed today....OK, so I threw a skirt on over my pajama bottoms, but that is technically dressed.

What I should say, is that today is the 1st day I have had short bursts of energy....I should probably be resting, and I started my day doing just that, but I am the type of person that if her house is cluttered and things not straight (it will NEVER be spotless, and I am OK with that), they go crazy.

So, while I started out resting, I am now using my short bursts of energy to pick up and straighten up my home.

My family have done a great job at keeping everything pretty much straight, but I (and probably only me) can see the dust, the little flecks of paper on the floor, and the few cups that were laid down in random places around the house. These little things, if left for awhile, can drive me crazy.

I know that I will have a few more days where I will still not feel 100%, and I will be relying on my small bursts of energy to keep up with the day to day craziness that is my life.

It is amazing what you can accomplish with just a few short bursts of energy.

Fold a load of towels!

Pick up a few toys!

Fluff up the pillows on the couch!

Read a book to my sick little girl!

And the list goes on....even when you are not feeling the best, and only have short bursts of energy, you can still have a good day, and you can still make memories with your loved ones.

Today, I will embrace my bursts of energy, even the short ones, and make the most of every moment.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Can you believe that it is already the middle of October? I sure cant. I have been trying to fill every possible spare moment with "fall" things. We have our pumpkins sitting on the front porch, the diffuser is constantly filled with a "fallish" scent, and we are loving the fall parties and bonfires/hayrides! Even with all of the events going on around us to remind me that it is actually indeed fall.....something is missing.

Maybe its the weather, October usually means sweaters and hoodies, tights and boots, but this year its been a little warm for all my favorite fall clothing. It was seriously almost 80 degrees yesterday! I was sweating and had turned the air back on. What is up with that!

Maybe its becasue Fall is the season for change and I, a creature of habit, do not care for change at all.

Maybe its just as simple as this was my Moms favorite time of year and every time I see a leaf fall, I think of her.

It is probably a combination of all three...The heat, the season, and the knowledge that Mom is no longer here to watch the trees change.

I'm crossing my fingers that the weather will start acting like it supposed to, not going to lie, I have prayed for cooler weather to come :)

I have also decided that change can be good. It gets you out of your comfort zone, and makes you look at the world from a new perspective. It causes you to grow. The last few years, it feels like our family has been stuck in a constant season of change. We lost my father 3 years ago this coming December, and this coming January will mark the 1st year with mom gone.

This change in our life has made us weak, so weak that sometimes we didn't know how we would get through another day. But through that weakness,and that season of change, we also grew stronger. Stronger as a family, Stronger in our faith, and Stronger individually.

 We went through a storm, and even though it may have knocked the wind out of us, and we may have lost sight  the bigger picture, we did come through it. We didn't get through it alone. No, if we tried to walk through that alone, we would still be stuck, never moving forward, living in the past.

We leaned on the promise in Deuteronomy 31:6, "... He will not fail thee, nor forsake thee."And true to His word,  He did not fail us. He was with us in the hospital room while we watch my father slip away. He was with us when we sat the long hours while mom was on hospice. He held our hands as we said goodbye, for the last time, to the people who brought us into this world. He walked with us through the fog that surrounded our life during the weeks/months after each funeral. He led us when we couldn't find the strength to move forward. He stayed true to his promise.  He was always there.

 I know that grief takes all forms. Today I smile, but tomorrow may be filled with tears, and that's OK.  the death of my parents was, and still is the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with. Our family is still so raw, but I know that even on the worst days, I can get through it as long as I keep holding on to Gods promise.

So during this Fall season, which is my favorite time of year, I will focus on the great memories, pray for some cooler weather, and remember that God is still holding my hand!