Monday, February 8, 2016


Lets talk about Essential OILS, and my apparent love for them! 

I have affectionately been labeled " The Crazy Oil Lady" by my 10-year-old, and everyone who knows me knows that if you have a problem, one of the things you will most likely hear me say is "I have an oil for that." 

Why Oils, you say? 

I say Why NOT! 

Yes, they sound crazy.....Yes, people look at me a little weird when I pull out a roller bottle filled with oils and rub it on my neck while standing in line at Walmart....and yes, I may smell a "little oily" every now and then! 

But when I look at all the benefits my family and I get from using oils....its so totally worth it :)

My story starts just like most other oil users..I needed something specific...something that would help me RIGHT THEN!!! I couldn't wait any longer. I was DESPERATE!

I have liver disease, which means that even though I would have liked to have taken modern medicine (back before oils), I was unable to. My liver couldn't process the medications. So I was left in pain and unable to find relief.

Living in constant pain, can affect not only your physical health, but it will also affect your mental health. I became so frustrated at myself, that I couldn't even keep my house straight that I began to take my frustrations out on everyone around me. I was in so much pain, that all I could think about was my pain and what I could do to make it stop. Therapy and shots didn't work and I had no other options available to me.

I needed something that I could use, but that wouldn't have a side effect, or make my liver worse(this was key) 

And then there were OILS....and my life changed foever :) 
Much to my surprise (not going to lie, I was REALLY surprised) the Oils worked, and I and my family, have NEVER looked back.

The pain I was in began to go away with each passing day, and while these wonderful oils didn't HEAL me, they did allow me to manage my pain and return to my normal activities. 

How wonderful it was to pick up my purse without pain! To wash dishes without needing to stop because of the pain (who would have ever thought that I would be excited to wash the dishes). 

We now use oils in our every day life...It's true when we say that we "have an oil for that."

One of the things I LOVE the most about oils, is how versatile they are. How awesome is it that the oil that helps me for the occasional headache, can also be used to help me when my daughter has tummy issues. I love when I can use something for more then just one issue :) 

 I love sharing and telling others about our experience with oils and how they have blessed our friends and family.  If you would like to learn more about our story, how we use oils daily, and how much they have blessed our family, please feel free to contact me here, browse through our amazing oils, or check out my Link !

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