Wednesday, January 25, 2017

When you feel like a failure, remember WHO made you!

let's get real for a moment....

How many moms out there feel like you are a failure? Like everything you have done, was wrong?

Sigh...that was me today!

 I forgot to swap the the house stunk this morning...AGAIN .

Today, in my frustration, I raised my voice to my family....and I HATED it.

Today, I didn't do meal prep...and so my hubby got out in the cold to pick up a dinner I should have made. (He did this without complaint, I might add, I truly am blessed)

Today, I let past fears seep into my daily activity, and based some of my decisions off of that past fear.

Today, I forgot to eat (seriously, who does this), and my sugar dropped so fast, I almost passed out!

Today, I felt like a failure.... 

But today, I also felt Gods peace...I love how it can feel like a blanket dropping over my shoulders, there is no better feeling then resting in His perfect peace!

Today, I remembered His is never ending!

Today, I was given the gift of blessing others...and was blessed in return.

Today, My daughter and I stood in a parking lot, holding hands, the world stopping for just a moment as we PRAYED that God would use us, and let everything that we did be done as worship unto Him.....What a precious moment.

Today, I was reminded that my past does NOT define who I am today!

Today, I may have failed in somethings, like the laundry, and raising my voice, but I am NOT a failure.

I am Me...I am a mom, a wife, a sister, a friend....I go by many names, but failure is not one of them.

If you are feeling like a failure...remember that you are uniquely made by the same God that made the Heavens and the Earth...He doesn't create failure. He creates beauty in everything.

Yes, we may fall, and we may fail at somethings, but that doesn't mean WE are failures. We are HIS...we are Loved...We are more then what our "today's" look like.

Lets all take a deep breath, start over tomorrow, and live the life He has laid out before us :)

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