Thursday, January 5, 2017

Just a Quick Post

Hi everyone, it has been crazy hectic around our home with the holidays, as I am sure it has been for you all as well!!

Can you believe that it is already 2017!! What happened to last year, it went by so quickly!  This year is already looking up, as God has shown his blessings to our family already. It amazes me that the God who created the heavens and the earth, looks at our small (to us it is huge) problems, and takes care of them for us. Not only does he take care of them, He goes above and beyond what we need. The blessing He gave our family, will not only be seen this week...but in the weeks and months to come. He is Good!!!

2016 was a year of ups and downs for my family. My mom passed away in January. We walked through a battle, that I never thought we would have to walk through. We had moments of fear and anxiety. We were sick (a LOT). We were faced with some hard decisions, and then we had to deal with the consequences of our decisions. To say it was a hard year, would be putting it mildly!

And we are, in the 1st month of a new year, and God is already showing us that He is here, that He cares about us.

It is a great reminder, that Yes we had a rough year, and Yes I am glad that it is over, but even during the roughest part of last year, we were not alone.

God was always there. When I couldn't find him in the storm, it wasn't because he had left, it was because I had taken my eyes off of Him. I had lost my focus.  Gods Plans are FOR us, not against us. He has greatness in store for us, if we stay focused on Him, and not let the distractions of this world pull our focus away.

I am so excited to be starting a new year. I am still working on being intentional with everything I do and say. It has been a little hard sometimes, but I feel like this is what God is pulling me towards. This year I have made the same resolutions I always make, but I have added being intentional to them all.. I am intentionally focusing my prayers for my husband, my family, my business, and for my health.  I have more, but these are my main ones at the moment!

I pray that as the new year unfolds, that all of your prayers are answered above and beyond your greatest expectations!

leave a comment about what you will be focusing on this year, if you need prayer, or if you liked this post :)

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