Monday, January 30, 2017

Giving God control, and resting in His PEACE!

Have you ever given something over to God, and then wondered why He wasn't taking care of it?

Ever feel like you need to do something, Anything really, to make something happen?

How many of us need to be in control of EVERY aspect of our lives?

I know that I am so guilty of this! I pray that God will take care of something, and I lay it at his feet, but then I worry about that same issue. I fret about "what can I do to help this situation" I do CRAZY things when I feel like nothing is working out the way I want it to...then I obsess over how I can fix it, what I can do to make things better, and then I cry out to God asking him why He hasn't "fixed" my problem.

Then I am gently reminded that I never left it with Him....I placed it at his feet, but before I turned to go, I picked it back up!

How awesome is it that He GENTLY reminds of us this....its not a SMACK to the head, although sometimes I am sure that is just what I need! He Loves us so much that over and over again, He reminds us of what we need to do, for us to be blessed by Him.

Just last week, as I was going through the 21 days of prayer for my business (if you are wanting to do this please check out  50K to Pray, I am enjoying this walk and recommend it to anyone who has a business or who is thinking about starting one) and while I was praying, I GAVE God control of my business...I spent a few days at peace, knowing that He was in control. it was going smoothly, until I decided that I should "help" my business along. I started worrying about things that I had already given to God. I started annoying my husband by asking "what if we do this" question non-stop. I had basically taken the control that I had freely GIVEN to God, back!  Of course my business wasn't  going to move forward, because I was no longer following the PATH that God had already put in front of me.

I was sitting in my sisters church yesterday, and  it hit me....I wanted to be in control. I wanted to be the person calling the shots. and let me tell you...that is never a good thing. my husband likes to say I am in helicopter mode....which basically means I am trying to control the outcome of every aspect of my life.

Do you know what happens when a helicopter loses control....They crash! It is messy, and people are hurt. this is basically what happens when I try to be in control of everything. I get overwhelmed, I get anxious, I get so frustrated with everything and everyone around me, I get emotional, and finally I CRASH.

Its at this point that I usually realize if I had just left it at His feet, I would never have gone through the whole process of crashing.

God wants us to be successful, HIS plans for us are GOOD...they are to give us HOPE!

Jeremiah 29:11 says "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

He wants us to prosper in everything we do. However, can we prosper, when we cant even give and LEAVE our problems with Him. 

My family jokes about all the crazy things I have done in an effort to control an outcome. I am the one who sees a bill due, and goes out and gets a job, even if I know I cant possibly physically do the always ends in me crashing, which is not a good feeling. 

Learning to cast ALL my cares on the Lord, when I am the way I am, has been hard. But it is getting easier. It has taken me having to walk through some HUGE issues and situations, for me to realize that I am better just praying "Lord, your will"! 

Sometimes in order to have peace, we have to let the things that worry us,  the battles that seem so big that we could NEVER win them, we have to GIVE them to God. And we HAVE to leave them there. If we allow God to be in control, and we Allow Him to work wonders and miracles in our life, He will.

If we decide to pick them back up, then when nothing changes,  we have no one to blame but ourselves. God WANTS to fight for us. He wants to be our SHELTER in the storm, He wants to PROTECT us, and He wants us to CALL on Him.....But he will not fight us for control. He wants us to hand it to Him freely.  

Once we hand over our life, our problems, our family, our businesses, to Him, we can see His plan unfold before us. we can sit back and rest in the knowledge that He is taking care of everything and we are living in His PERFECT plan! 

Now dont get me wrong, I'm not saying that once you hand over control that you should sit back and do nothing....I am a firm believer that God helps those that help them selves, what I am saying is that we dont need to worry about trying to figure out how WE can solve the problem. We dont need to have anxiety over something that is out of our control. We can spend our time, praising God for His perfect out come, even if it is not the outcome we wanted.

So once you have handed your need over to God, let it go...concentrate on praising Him for what He is GOING to do for you.  Rest in His peace :) 

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my wonderful husband  calls this my helicopter mode!

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