Wednesday, September 21, 2016

How we do it....Homeschooling on a day when this mama is sick!

We left for vacation on Friday, I started getting sick on Saturday :( we opted to stay and finish out our mini vacation, and I am so glad we did. Check out how our trip went here!

Since we have been home though, I have been taking it easy, attempting to get better. I have been oiling up and taking OTC cough med's, and while I am starting to feel better, school this week has been a little unorthodox! but we got it done... and that is what matters the most :)

Monday we were technically still on vacation, and since I was sick in bed and Dallas was off of work, we let Olivia take the day off as well. We all spent the day relaxing and recouping from vacation (seriously am I the only one who needs to recoup after a relaxing vacation?).

Tuesday, I was still sick, but I crawled from my comfy bed and made it to the recliner in the living room. My little girl, who wanted another day off, was less then excited for school to start back up, but even homeschooler's need to stick to some kind of schedule ( at least these homeschooler's need to ). She brought all her school work to the couch, and while I sat next to her in the recliner she completed all her school work and was done in record time.

Usually we are at the table in the kitchen, working on her school work, but when you are sick and your child is not...ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

Tuesday night I thought I was getting better and we would be back to normal schooling on Wednesday....however that was not to be. I slept in a little, and when I finaly got up, showered and got dressed into new jammies (when your sick, jammies are perfectly acceptable day clothes), I was ready to go back to bed. So we did what we did yesterday....We used our living room as a school room!

Olivia is finishing up her last subject for the day, other then her typing lesson, and then she will be done. It took a little longer to finish school work today, because we got a late start, but all in all it was a great school day for our family.

This is not the norm, and I am sure I will get tired of this "type' of schooling, but for now, while I am sick, I am OK with it!

 I  LOVE the flexibility that homeschooling gives us.

So that's it in a nutshell, how we home school while this mama is sick :) 

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