Thursday, September 15, 2016

Looking for Blessings

I read a post on Social Media about finding your own "magic" in everything around you. While I do not believe in magic, I decided to read the post to see what types of magic these people were finding in their every day lives. They were looking for "Magic" in everything, and since they were looking they found "Magic" in everything. They could "see" magic all around them, and this made them happy.

This inspired me :) not to look for magic, but to look at my life and find all the little blessings that are right in front of me. Blessings that may not look like much to anyone else, but to me they are HUGE.

When I started looking, I was amazed at how happy finding and acknowledging these blessings made me feel. These are my blessings from today!

I started looking around my house for blessings....then I realized, I am living in a great neighborhood, in a house, that may not be completely finished, but it is a home for me and my family.

When I got into our truck, I stopped and thanked God for the blessing of this vehicle, we had been praying for a 2nd vehicle, and God blessed us with an opportunity to purchase this truck from a family member, and we LOVE it!

As I was clocking into work this afternoon, I hugged my client, and saw the smile on her face when I said Hi, and the 1st thing I thought of was how blessed I was to have a client that is so sweet, and that I enjoy spending time with :)

As I walked in from work, my family met me at the door with hugs ad kisses, which in my opinion is the BEST blessing of today! My family truly are the best blessing I have, and I think God for them daily. My husband Loves and supports me in all my crazy adventures, and my daughter makes my heart smile all the time. She is kind and sweet and is a little crazy like her mom :)

While I wasn't looking for "magical" moments in my life, I sure did find something so much better.

Blessings are contagious, once you find one, you want to look for more. Once you see them in your life, you will want to be a blessing to others in your life.

So this weekend, take a look around, and find your blessings....I promise,
they are all around you! 

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