Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Lessons from Lucy

I am sure everyone has either seen, or at least heard of  "I Love Lucy."

I had watched them as a child growing up and when my husband and I were looking for a good family show to watch with our daughter, we decided to watch them together.

"Lucy" was a BIG hit with our daughter, and we quickly watch all the episodes in the season we had bought and were soon looking to buy more.

Its a safe bet to say that we really do LOVE "I LOVE LUCY!"

Its a funny,clean, family that I don't have to worry about my daughter (or us) seeing or hearing something that is inappropriate.

That being said...I have to say that when I look at Lucy, she makes me want to be a better wife...and not one like her!!

Man, can LUCY ever whine!!

After a show where it seemed like all Lucy did was whine, and cry until she got her way, I got to thinking..."is that what my hubby sees when I don't get my way and I pout!"

Am I trying to change the outcome of things, and people that I have no control over, by muttering, pouting, whining, and carrying on like Lucy does.

I asked my hubby if I acted like Lucy....and my wise hubby said "no" :)

I'm not talking about the  throwing my head back and wailing...I am an adult, so that's not likely to happen (although, so was she), what I'm talking about is the complaining and grumbling.

When I want to go grab something fast for dinner, and my hubby looks at me and says "I'm really tired,can you go get it?"....I have grumbled and complained about having to get dressed, and I have stomped around until my tired hubby comes in, jacket in hand and asks me, where  I want him to go.

I may not be wailing like she does...But I am acting the same way.

I want my husband to look at me and be glad he is home, I don't want him to look at me and think "oh great, there she goes again."

I want him to know how much I appreciate everything he does do for our family..I don't want him wondering if the only reason I am being nice, is because I have gotten MY way.

I put a lot of time and effort into keeping the house clean, teaching my daughter, running a daycare, and oil business, if my hubby came in and the 1st thing he did was
start whining about all he had gone through at work, and didn't say how nice (its never spotless, but we try to keep it straight) the house looked, I think I would feel taken for granted.

I never want my hubby to feel that way.

I want him to know that his feelings matter, that he is a top priority in my life, that I value his opinion and that I LOVE him for all the sacrifices he has made for me to stay home.

I want to be a wife that my husband wants to come home to, and I cant be that wife if I am acting like Lucy!

Like with everything else, this is a work in progress for me. It goes hand in hand with me trying to be an intentional homemaker and wife :)

Watching I Love Lucy, has helped me take a closer look at myself and how acting like her (even if its just a little bit) can make the man I fell in love with, feel taken for granted.

So here is to loving Lucy, but not acting like her  :)

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A Wise Women Builds Her Home

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