Monday, April 4, 2016

Throwing Out Todays Plan

I spent Saturday working on lessons plans for my daughter Olivia's schoolwork this week, and I was so excited to start implementing them today....I was finally on top of the coming weeks lessons, all her schoolwork was pulled and labeled, and put into individual folders....I was so ready to start school on Monday!

My plans, that at 3am Sunday morning, were tossed out the window!

Olivia had a horrible puking bug and I spent the rest of the early morning taking care of her and she was finally able to go to sleep around 8am.

At this point, I would like to tell you that, my hubby was awesome....he cleaned the entire bathroom for me, I on the other hand RAN as fast as I could past the bathroom and almost didn't make it to the living room without getting sick! please tell me I am not the only mom, who cannot take care of their children's puke.

I cant be the only one.....right?

I wrote that all to say, that my plans ( that I was so EXCITED about)  were thrown out the window, and what I wanted to do today was not going to happen. And I am OK with that.

We homeschool, for exactly this is unpredictable, and even when I plan out everything (it NEVER works, but I keep trying), there is always the chance that something that will pop up that I cant control (sickness, death in the family, work). Homeschooling allows us to be flexible and since we school year long we get more then enough school days in.  So for today, while not what I planned, we are taking a sick day. Olivia is resting on the couch with her pillow, blanket, and her favorite stuffed bear and shes watching cartoons. Sometimes you just need to rest! 

Tomorrow I will pull out the lesson plan that I made for today, and we will start fresh. But for today I will take care of my little girl, snuggle with her, and laugh at the crazy cartoons shes watching.

Today may not be the day I had in mind on Saturday...but is still sounds like a pretty good day in my book :)

Us goofing off at our Easter Drama Practice

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