Friday, December 18, 2015



Its nowhere to be found!

Christmas is 8 days away and, while it is cold outside, it doesn't really feel like Christmas in the good old state of Ill.

Every morning my 10 year old daughter runs to the front window to see if the snow has started to fall,and every morning she looks at me with a small frown and tells me its "Still not snowing."

She is disappointed.....but only for a  few minutes....Soon she is running around the house making plans for the day, she is talking a mile a minute, and trying her best to get her tiny dog Diego, to sit still, so she can take him out for his morning walk. Its not long before her mind turns to all the things that she can do "When" it starts to snow.

"Can we go sledding, and then stop for hot chocolate and donuts, like last time"

"Can we have a snowball fight,mom"?

"I love the snow, don't you love the snow,mom"

"Do you think I can build a snowman taller then me"?

"Do you know what would be fun??? A snow FORT"!!!

"Can we build a snow fort, mom"?

The list goes on and on.....and I'm just sitting there thinking "come on can I do all this stuff with my sweet girl with out you?" 

I'm going to let you in on a little secret........I HATE snow!!

I love my flip flops and I cant wear them in the snow...although I have tried :)

I love the cooler weather where I can get away with a light jacket and my beloved flip flops, but I cant stand being cold, and I really hate having to wear heavy coats and closed toed shoes!

I would be perfectly happy if it snowed one day a year...just on Christmas day...Because then we could have a White Christmas. But I would love it, if the next morning I woke up, and all the snow was gone...that would be perfect for me.

So why do you ask am I WISHING for the snow to come???

Because my daughter LOVES it...she LOVES playing in the snow with me and her daddy. She wants to make forts and have snow ball fights, she wants to see me screaming for my life as I go full speed down a hill covered in snow,While her and her daddy laugh uncontrollably at me.

Because even though my toes and fingers will be numb, my heart will be happy and my daughters smile will be worth all the freezing I will go through these cold winter months!

So, even though I cant stand you snow....HURRY UP AND GET HERE!!

I want to go play in the snow with my family :)


  1. I live in Idaho, and if I could send you our snow, believe me I would!!

  2. I would take it :) It has been raining off and on all day, but I'm still wishing for some snow for Christmas :)